5 Ways to Get More Value Out of Your Education

We all like short cuts, myself included. However, are short cuts the most effective way to get good grades? Probably not….

Although it may not be the most pleasant or easiest way to make our way through school, doings things “right” is the best avenue when it comes to improving our marks and getting the most out of our education.

Let’s have a look at 5 ways we can achieve this:

  1. Read

I know this one sounds pretty self-explanatory, but so many students skip their readings. Moreover, many of us (I am so guilty of this…) in an effort to save time resort to skim reading before class. But this means we don’t absorb the majority of the content, making skim reading a time waster, not saver. Take some time to sit down, no distractions, and just read. Your marks will thank you for this.

  1. Take Your Time in the Research Phase

Okay, so you’ve got a thesis – now what? Research. This is a crucial step in the essay-writing stepladder. Instead of simply doing a quick search on JSTOR and picking the first journal article, dig deep to find the most compelling and relevant research to support your essay. Search the library catalogue and go for a stroll down the isles. Grab of stack of REAL books and have a gander. You’ will be surprized how much information we have sitting right here on the shelves! They’re not just for decoration you know?

  1. Finish Your Assignments Ahead of Time

I know, this is so hard to execute. Let’s face it, late night paper writing is the student reality. However, if you can, motivate yourself and get it done early. I recently wrote a paper, let it sit for a few days, and then came back to it. When I re-read it, I thought it was terrible. I then used that first paper as a draft and wrote an entirely new essay. I kept the content the same, but improved the organization and the writing itself. I’m confident that boosted my mark by at least 10%.

  1. Actively Engage in Studying

While it may work for some, simply re-reading your notes with Netflix playing in the background is NOT an effective way to study. To really cement that information in your brain you need to be active, not passive, in the studying process. Check out this great article to discover some effective study tools.

  1. Improve Your Writing Skills

No matter how intelligent you are, if you cannot articulate your thoughts eloquently on the page, you will loose marks. Nipissing offers many programs  specifically aimed to help you improve your writing skills.

So here we have it, 5 ways to improve not only our grades, but to also to increase the value of our education. While these tips are not intended to “fast track” you to an A+ average , they will get you there, if you put in the time and effort.