Nothing is Set in Stone

You’re in Grade 12 and it is time to decide where to apply to university. Take a deep breath. Don’t fear. Don’t worry. Picking your university and program is a big decision but don’t ever feel like you’ve locked into a decision for life or that it will make or break your future. Let me tell you why.

When I came to Nipissing in 2010, I thought I would strictly be taking courses in my History major. However, most programs are open and allow students to explore other topics. With this ability to be flexible, I was able to take classes in Political Science, Sociology, and Geography to name a few. Every year, I continued to take my requirements for my History program but would also take these other courses. In 3rd year I went to see an Academic Advisor and she informed me that I have been taking enough courses in Political Science and Sociology to have a double major and minor.

If you had told me when I was in Grade 12 that I would be doing more then just studying History, I would not have believed it. Since I was able to take these other courses, my degree now means so much more to me because I was able to pursue my interests and open up more career opportunities while I was studying.

With the ability to mix and match different programs, students are able to tailor their comprehensive degree and really move around. If you know you want to go to University but have many different passions, you can always apply as undeclared in your first year.

Take courses in Geography, Gender Equality and Social Justice, Computer Science or whichever courses spark your interest. Expand your degree and tailor it to what you want and make it more than just a career choice. You learn a lot about yourself when you go to university; socially, mentally and physically.

It’s ok to change your mind too. This experience is about guiding you to your own, unique future. You’re not limited by your choices and should focus on all your options.

Come to university with an open mind and follow your passions so when you graduate, you graduate with more than just a degree, but a degree that you enjoyed learning and growing with. Let that passion kick start your career.

– Maggie