Why I Chose Nipissing for my Bachelor of Education

I belong at Nipissing University because of their amazing education program. I chose Nipissing’s Bachelor of Education program because of all of the wonderful things that I had heard about it. The program is designed to help students become future teachers by providing them with hands-on knowledge of everything you would need to know to lead a class of your own, i.e., classroom management, unit planning, lesson planning, assessment, evaluation, instructional strategies, and many more.

The Education professors truly care about their students and help us every step of the way. They are able to give positive feedback on assignments to give it that extra cherry on top that it may have been missing before. They have helped me overcome my fear of teaching literacy, by teaching me an assortment of fun ways that literacy can be brought into the classroom. From this program I have learned to use my talents and skills within the classroom, as well as to improve upon my weaknesses to become a better teacher.

Not only do I learn within a classroom setting, but I also have the chance to implement the knowledge I have gained within a variety of placements. I have the opportunity to work with teachers from my hometown school board who once taught me. It is an amazing feeling working amongst the teachers who were your inspiration to originally become a teacher yourself.
I am very happy that I chose Nipissing University to help me accomplish my goals.

– Danielle