The most important thing: Food.

Before you disagree with me about food not being the most important thing, let me plead my case first! Unless you have arranged your schedule so you’re only at school for a couple hours a day, chances are that you will have multiple classes and breaks, all packed into one day. This means you could be on campus for a large part of your day. Sitting through lectures, or participation in seminars can be a tiring, so unless you’re providing yourself with the proper nutrition (a.k.a. food) it can be extremely difficult to concentrate in class.

The first option you have of getting the proper food you need, is buying it from one of the many options we have right on campus. Of course the most obvious option would be one of the two cafeterias we have on campus (Nipissing or main one) were you can pick from a wide variety of options. Another on-campus option is heading over to the Surtees gym and grabbing something from Good2Go, where they serve healthier options, including some great smoothies. Looking for great food, with affordable prices? During school hours the Wall offers an entire menu full of delicious food.

The other option that may be a bigger interest with university students looking to save a bit of money is bring packed lunches and snacks from home.

Here is a list of 10 ideas of packable lunches and snacks that can be an affordable way to keep up your energy while learning:

1. Wraps – Nothing is better than a good BLT wrap to keep you going through the day, or switch up up by having a peanut butter and banana wrap


2. Chips and Dip – With the right kind of dip, those chips can go a long way!


3. Salad – Caesar, garden, the possibilities are endless!


4. Fruit – Fruit salad, grapes, strawberries. Fruit is my favourite snack that always makes me feel more energized later.

5. Veggies -If you’re looking for just a snack to munch on carrots and broccoli are a go to!


6. Sandwiches – I’m personally not a big fun of tuna sandwiches, but you can’t go wrong with ham or BLT!


7. Sushi – Tuna egg rolls anybody?


8. Fried Rice – Some nice fried rice combined with some nice vegies can be the perfect pick me up lunch!


9. Pasta – Pasta is a perfect lunch for bringing on the go!


10. Cheese and Crackers – Crackers and some assorted cheese can be a quick go to, that can also fill you up with that much needed energy!