5 Changes for the New Semester

It is the time of year when one semester is ending and another one is beginning. Here are 5 changes that are easy to make for second semester (and ones that I will be making):

  • Do the readings when they are assigned. I learned from first semester that by doing the readings when they are assigned it will help you avoid the many all-nighters that occur when learning a semester’s worth of material crammed into a few days before the exam.
  • Check out the library. The library is a great place to put headphones in and focus on some assignments and there is some pretty cool spaces and resources to explore.
  • Meet new people in your course. When you sign up for a course and realize that many of your friends are also in it is easy to pair up with them on assignments and only sit with them in class. By branching out and sitting beside other people you may not only pay attention more but will also meet new people.
  • Attend office hours. I wished I attended more office hours at the beginning of the semester because many the profs are more then willing to help and will answer any questions that you may have.
  • Start assignments when they are assigned. There is usually a reason if the prof is handing you an assignment a month before it is due and it is a good idea to start working on it right away. By working away on it in small sections it allows for you to seek help if you need it and will avoid the stress involved in starting and finishing it the day before it is due.