Alpha Gamma Phi

Hello everyone,

I’ve been struggling with finding a topic for this week’s post so I’ve decided to use this chance to promote one of the on-campus groups I am part of.

As a proud member of Alpha Gamma Phi, I’d like to take the time to congratulate my wonderful sorority for becoming certified (by NUSU) as of this month. The founder and co-founder of the sorority have worked tirelessly to accomplish this goal and deserve all my praise.

Let me tell you a little bit about Alpha Gamma Phi before you jump to conclusions. I know from experience that whenever I mention the term “sorority,” everyone raises an eyebrow in disbelief and contempt. Most people, including many of my friends and family members, immediately jump to the conclusion that AGP is just like the American sororities portrayed in Hollywood films. They’re wrong. AGP is actually dedicated to philanthropic work. It was established in September of last year with the goal of promoting true friendship among sisters while also promoting 3 main values: truth, honour and duty.

The sisters are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for two charities: the North Bay Humane Society and the Canadian Cancer Society. AGP’s motto is Strength and Leadership in Sisterhood.

Unfortunately the deadline for joining the sorority this year has already passed, but if you’d like to make a change in local communities around North Bay and this sorority interests you, please join us as of next year.

Thanks for reading!