Getting Involved On Campus

I had always been actively involved on campus in my earlier years, so I thought why stop this trait of mine as I move into my post-secondary education? When I came to Nipissing University I wanted to continue my extracurricular activity. I first went to the ‘Club Days’ to see what Nipissing offered their students. Over my four years I have actively participated as a member of Chancellor’s House Community Action, Freshman Fit-teen, Nipissing University Student Alumni, Best Buddies, Frontier College Tutoring, Open House, Call Campaign, and Nipissing’s first Sorority. By becoming involved not only am I having fun, but I am also making many lasting friendships as well.

All of my volunteering is also recorded on my Record of Student Development. This record tracks my achievements over all of my years here at Nipissing. By adding to my Record of Student Development I can add this to my resume and portfolio as I continue into my professional years.

By becoming involved right from the beginning of my undergrad I was able to quickly adjust to university life. I kept myself busy and did not have the time to feel home sick. Volunteering my time with many different organizations has allowed me to develop time management skills so that I am able to complete everything I need in order to be a successful student. I always leave from my volunteering event with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that I have helped make a difference. By volunteering on campus with other current and prospective students, alumni, and faculty and staff members, I am making Nipissing a more positive atmosphere.

Become involved with your education and leave a lasting impression of yourself!

– Danielle