Never Fear: University Acceptances Are (Almost?) Here!

Welcome to acceptance letter season, my soon-to-be froshy friends! I can remember receiving my own acceptance letters three hundred and sixty five days ago (give or take a few weeks) and thinking: “Wow. This is really happening.” Of course, it came out more as “ahgsfkshfb” as I ran around the house screaming—on that note, sorry again mom and dad! Choosing the university that I wanted to attend seemed a little daunting at first, and I always wondered whether I’d even applied for the right program. In fact, right after that period of pure joy, I began to feel anxious about this whole “future” thing. This being said, I’m guilty of over-worrying. However, if you ARE like me: this is the blog post for you! Enclosed I will tell you three things I wish someone would have reminded me while I was making my university decision.

You always have time to change your mind.

While I consider Nipissing U to be my home, I realize that nothing in life is set in stone—nor should it be. Whether you go into university next year and realize that you’re in the wrong program, or that maybe university just isn’t for you: everything is going to be just fine. Switching programs in post-secondary is super easy (so long as you’ve done the right prerequisites), and Academic Advising is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

University is just the beginning

You might feel like the university you’ve chosen is the end-all, be-all to whatever career you aspire to pursue; however, really, the university you choose for your undergraduate is just that first step before the rest of your life happens. Focus on the decisions you have laid before you, not those that haven’t yet happened. Which leads me to…

Do whatever makes YOU happy!

I know going to the school your friends and family want you to go to is really appealing, and you’ll hear the words “practical” and “lack of jobs” when trying to decide which program to take… But as a wise high school teacher once told me: “Just choose the path that will make you happy, and the rest will follow.” After meeting a couple of fourth and fifth years here at Nipissing U, I can honestly say that this is the best policy.

At the end of the day, this is just the first step towards the rest of your life. Whatever the decision, you and I both know you’ll have made the right one (but always remember, you, too, might just belong at Nip U)! Happy celebrating; you deserve it!

– Amber W.