Make Residence Your #NUHome!

Hey everyone!

I am the Community Advisor at Nipissing University for the Muskoka Campus! I absolutely love my job, but most importantly, I absolutely LOVE residence! I think it provides many opportunities to get to know others and for personal growth!

Here are some reasons why I think Nipissing’s residence should be your #NUHome!

  • You are super close to campus!

Let me tell you, I get way more time to sleep in by living in residence! And I really like my naps–so this is essential.

  • If there is an emergency, there is always a Don on Duty available

A Don on Duty is on call and can help you if you live in residence and are experiencing an emergency. It can be really soothing knowing that there is someone within the building that can be there to help you if need be. Plus, Dons are super helpful and they really care about your well being! (I would know, I was one hehe!)

  • You get to meet others! And go to events!

There are events and activities occurring based on students interests, needs, wants, etc! It is also a great way to get involved and meet others.

  • You get your own private room!

I definitely value my own personal space, so this is something I really enjoy. You also get roommates in a suite, so you get a balance of being able to have alone time and socialization!

  • You have maintenance to help fix things!

Not that you should have to get things fixed—but if something were to ever occur (such as something leaking, bulbs go out, etc.) there is a simple maintenance request to fill out and they will come and fix it for you! How awesome is that?

  • There are front desk staff available to help you

We have lovely Residence Office Assistants who can lend you cleaning supplies so you don’t have to get your own (e.g. vacuum, mop) and there are also materials you can purchase at the front desk! It is definitely handy if you need some last minute supplies.

I could go on and on listing reasons why residence is an amazing experience, but I hope I have encouraged you to think about applying to live in residence this year. Living in residence has been the best time of my life!

Applications are open until March 21, 2016!

If you are interested in applying and have questions or want more information, you can contact:

Or call:  705-474-3450 x 4855

– Jessica