Are You Taking Full Advantage of Campus Resources?

Nipissing University truly cares about their students and offers a variety of on-campus resources to provide us with an incredible post-secondary experience. Are you taking advantage of these resources? Let’s have a look at what Nipissing has to offer.

The Library

Of course, this is an obvious one, but have you really exhausted all the resources the library has to offer? Yes, you can access online databases from the comfort of your bed, but the library also has a wonderful selection of books, librarians to assist you in research, a computer lab, printing services, group study rooms, and not to mention a de-stressing colouring station. It’s a beautiful place.

The Gym

Our brand new Robert J Surtees Student Athletics Centre has a plethora of facilities to enjoy from the vertical hydroponic green wall containing a wide range of flowering plants, to weight rooms, fitness studios, squash courts, and intramural sports. Not to mention, free fitness classes are run daily to fit your busy schedule.


As a member of NUSU, there are a variety of amenities and benefits that are offered through the student union. These range from office clerical tasks, student discounts, printing services, to academic advocacy and representation. NUSU invites all students to contact head office if you are looking for something that isn’t currently offered!

Student Development and Services

What doesn’t Student Development and Services have to offer? Nipissing’s OSDS is rated #1 in the country. “This year both Maclean’s magazine and The Globe and Mail confirmed what students at Nipissing already know: our student services are the best in the country”. Here is a list of just a few services they have available:

  • Peer tutoring
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Personal Counseling
  • Record of Student Development
  • GEN1
  • NU Listens
  • New Student Orientation
  • International Student Support Services and Programs

Did you know about all these fantastic resources? If not, get out there and re-discover what Nipissing has to offer.