Small class size? No contest.

Hello everyone, my name is Markus Hawco, a third-year Business student specializing in economics and recently elected to be the Student Union’s (NUSU) VP of Finance.

Something I know I searched high and low for when I came to Nipissing was the contest you would have in university. The contest to be the highest grade, to meet and talk with the professor, etc. I was ready to devote my entire university career to simply get familiar with one or two professors and gain additional information and references. Then I found Nipissing.

With class sizes of 30 in Business I found myself being called by my first name by week two! By the end of my first year, I had personal cell phone contacts to half of my professors without having to ask.

This led me to re-evaluate everything, here I thought I was about to fight for attention and recognition but Nipissing’s small class sizes have made that effortless.

No matter what, if you pass your classes and graduate you will have an undergraduate degree the same as another schools equal program. So I ask you now: would you rather go to a school where you’re “Student 584855” and vaguely remembered by professors, or go to a school where the professors know you (and will engage with you) on a first-name basis?