Why NipissingU is the School For You

Last year when I made the decision to come to Nipissing many people asked me “why Nipissing?” If you’re thinking that Nipissing may be the school for you, check out this list of 5 reasons why I decided to come here:

  • Size of the Campus: We all know that North Bay winters are cold, the small campus allows students to not have to walk outside from class to class. With the gym and library only a short walk away, the convenience of all facilities in a small area was a large draw factor. Although the facilities are in close proximity there are tons of trails to explore and adventures to go on.
  • Residence: The suite style residence allows you to have instant friends right outside your door but your own bedroom provides a quiet place to also get homework done. Nipissing’s residences are only one of the many reasons why I chose to come to NipU.
  • Program of my Choice: It is important to choose a school with a program that you are excited to be enrolled in. Nipissing is known for its Concurrent Education program as well as its Geography program. It was an easy choice to come to Nipissing with programs that I was excited about.
  • Distance from Home: Distance from home is sometimes a factor that is looked over. North bay being 4 hours away from my hometown allows me to make a quick trip home on weekends if I wanted to but forces me to find my independence, freedom and new friends.
  • Small School: I have always gone to small schools and I knew that I wanted my university to be small too. Nipissing is the perfect small university; I see people that I know everyday, work with my friends on group projects in small class sizes and am able to get to know my professors. I am always meeting new people but also recognizing familiar faces.

I could not be happier with my decision to come to Nipissing. If any of the reasons why I chose to come to NipU are items that are on your wish list, Nipissing may be the school for you!

– Mikayla