Unique Classes You Will Love!

Nipissing University has an incredible variety of programs and courses. So when it’s time to choose electives, we have options that will appeal to all interests. I encourage you to take the time to look at new classes when selecting courses for next year. Don’t just look at your programs offerings – look for electives in ANY discipline that interests you. Remember, your education is not just a piece of paper. Do what you love and the rest will follow.

Now, let’s take a moment to explore a few of the unique courses that Nipissing has to offer!

FAVA 2416 Sculpture: Carving and Reduction
In this course, students will become proficient with glyptic (subtractive/reductive) sculptural techniques using a variety of materials, which may include plaster, stone, styrene and/or wood.

A class where I can re-create Laocoon and His Sons! (hehee)

CLAS 1106 Introductory Latin I/ CLAS 1206 Introductory Ancient Greek I
Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of Latin language (grammar, syntax and vocabulary). By the end of the course students will be able to begin reading abridged passages of Latin authors.

Ingemesce me!

ENGL 3516 Creative Writing: Poetry/ ENGL 3517 Creative Writing: Prose Fiction
This course explores imaginative literary expression. Although it involves examining the works of others, the course focuses on the work of class members.

Get out your quills and release your inner writer.

ENGL 2015 Theatre Production: Practice and Theory
Students will not only study the theories and techniques underlying the dramatic arts but also stage a major production in which they will put into practice course knowledge.

Calling all Thespians!

FILM 1005 Introduction to Film

The development of various elements of film (image, sound, etc.) and of such aspects of film making as directing, acting, and editing are examined through a survey of about 24 feature films from D.W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin to the present.

Grab your popcorn and take a seat.

FAVA 2426 Digital Photography
In this course, students will use digital photography as an expressive art form. Students will combine the production of digital images with an examination of the history of photography and its present role within contemporary photographic practices.

Say Cheese!

PHIL 3707 Eastern Philosophy II: Classical Indian Philosophy
This course explores the early Indian philosophical tradition, beginning with the Poet-Seers’ visionary quest for Insight, as portrayed in the earliest Indian text, the Rg Veda. The epistemology, metaphysics and socio-political views of the Yogic, Buddhist and Brahmanical schools are then examined.


ENGL 2445 Children’s Literature
This course conducts a critical/historical survey of works in English composed for, or appropriated by, children. Selections may vary annually but each year will include both classic and less familiar texts, and examples of dominant and suppressed or subversive works.

Here are a few of the readings from this year:
Harry Potter
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Where the Wild Things Are

In no way is this a comprehensive list of all the amazing courses Nipissing has to offer, but it is a great start! But remember, just because these classes are fun and interesting, it doesn’t mean they will be easy. Choose electives based on what you love, not to get an easy grade.

Happy Course Selecting!

– Kylie-Anne