Starting University in the Fall? Here’s Some Tips and Advice from a Student Recruiter

One of my favorite times of the year is doing follow up visits where we get to meet with students who have applied to Nipissing University. It is a great way for us to chat with all of you and answer any questions that you might have now that you have been through the application process. All of us had a great time meeting with you all, but in case you missed us, there are a couple of things I want you to know before you make a final decision about which school you’re going to attend in the fall.

You have time. I know right now you are very busy, and are juggling a lot of different things. You’re in the home stretch of your high school careers, you’re waiting to hear from various universities about your applications and you’re anxious to make plans for your future. However, try not to rush the process. Remember that the earliest a university can require a decision from you is June 1st. That means that you have at least a few more months before you have to make any final decisions, so if you haven’t yet heard about your application do not panic. Take a deep breath and take your time when you’re making this decision about where to spend the next four years of your life.

Visit the campus. A lot of the students I talked to who had applied to Nipissing University hadn’t yet been up on campus. Come up and take a tour, or better yet, attend our Open House on March 18th or March 19th. It is the absolute best way to tour the campus, meet your future professors and faculty, and ask any and all of your questions. When choosing a university, you want to be sure that you can see yourself there. You want to know what the culture is like, and if it is going to be the school that fits your needs and personality. So come up on campus; I know you’ll see right away why you belong at Nipissing University.

Remember that we are here to support your transition into university. A lot of students I met with are feeling excited but also nervous about the big change that awaits them when they leave home for university. We understand this at Nipissing University, and we have a wide range of transition supports on campus and in residence to help make the process smooth and comfortable for you. Remember that everyone attending his or her first year of university is in the same boat, so embrace the experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Keep in touch with us if you want any additional information. Nipissing University is a supportive environment and we want to make sure that you are excited about your decision to become a Nipissing Laker. We are here to support you, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

You’re about to embark on one of the most exciting times of your life, and I think I can speak for all of us in the recruitment office when I say that it has been an absolute pleasure helping you make those decisions. See you on campus in the fall!

– Courtney