Winter Bucket List

We have all had those days where it feels like it hasn’t stopped snowing in weeks and you are ready to leave your parka behind for warmer weather and green grass (or sandy beaches). Throughout the winter it is important to take lots of study breaks and explore North Bay and all that there is to do here. Here are 7 things that you can put on your winter bucket list for the rest of this winter or keep in mind for next winter:

1) Skiing or Snowboarding: The Laurentian Ski Hill is just a short drive away and is guaranteed for a fun day on the slopes with friends.

2) Trails: Gather a group of friends and adventure through the campus trails and don’t forget to visit Duchesnay Falls!

3) Snow Shoeing: Sign out some snowshoes and adventure through the snow on Nipissing’s trails.

4) Dogsledding: You may not get the opportunity to go dogsledding again so if the opportunity arises, you must say yes!

5) Ice fishing: Ice fishing can result in either many fish caught or none but it is always a good time. (And if you’re tight on grocery money, it can provide you a meal)

6) Arrowhead Provincial Park: Although it is not in North Bay, it was a highlight of the winter. Only an hour away in Huntsville and a cool experience skating on trials and going on other adventures with friends.

7) Outdoor Rinks: There are many rinks in North Bay that the city maintains and are ideal for a game of shinny.

– Mikayla