Using Technology to Enhance Your Learning Experience

Young people are often criticized for their use of technology; people often say that it cripples our interactions with the real world. Although they may have some points to this theory, technology is not something we should be frightened by. Technology is society’s way of advancing, and can benefit students when they use it for the purpose of enhancing their learning experience.

Forms of Presentation

Creating and presenting presentations are an essential part to helping students complete their post-secondary education. Powerpoint is a starting point for many students. It’s typically the first piece of technology we encounter in the classroom, even in high school we would make presentations on it. Powerpoint is still a great way of getting information across, however there are so many other forms now available. Prezi is another popular mode, although it is an online form, it can be saved to present offline. A major benefit of Prezi when working in groups is that all members can log in and add to the presentation without having to keep sending documents over Facebook. Another new form that I learned about recently is called Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is a presentation software that has over 35 templates and millions of pictures that can be used to create an elegant looking presentations.

Windows Movie Maker is not typically seen as a method of delivering a presentation, but can be surprisingly beneficial. While some proffers may prefer the basic PowerPoint version of the presentation, other professors encourage students to be more creative in the process. Creating a video about the message your trying to convey can be an excellent why of accomplishing this.

Access to Online Textbooks, and Supplemental Learning Material

No matter where you get your textbooks, there’s no question that they are expensive and can be a great burden on students who have a budget. Online textbooks offer an alternative option to buying a textbook, and are also typically much more inexpensive.

Online textbooks can often be beneficial when they come with supplemental learning material. Often these supplements include practice tests, chapter summaries, and other material that can not only save money for students but can also help enhance your learning experience for the better.

Phone/Laptop Applications “Apps”

Applications (or “apps” as they’re more commonly called) don’t typically strike people as methods to help a person’s education, but on the contrary they’re are many apps out there that can do just that. Personally I use the app “My Class Schedule” that allows me to have my schedule in my hands when I need it, along with all the important dates I need to know.

Other applications are help Nipissing students especially. There are apps that allows us to access our black board accounts, check what time the next bus comes on, or even accessing information on our student union.

– Courtney