Stress and Pressure in University!

I love the bags under my eyes because they show that I try and work hard. I love my dark circles even though it means I probably did not sleep as much as I should’ve the night before.

Stress isn’t a joke, it is not loved, but it is a compulsory part of university, and a part of life in general. Although my approach to certain things could be more optimistic at times, stress is important.

Stress is kind of like spiders: nobody really likes them but they are necessary to life itself.

Stress is key to motivation. If you do not get stressed about submitting your assignment on time, or studying for a test, you simply might not do it. Stress is a factor in motivating us to do the things we probably know we should. As a matter or fact, I do not think stress is the major issue when it comes to student’s failing or being down-right miserable. I think the major key is pressure. The pressure people, parents, friends, and especially ourselves put on each other.

Sure, this pressure is what starts our stress, but we would still be stressed if we wanted to do our assignments and tests out of pure desire to, and not because you want to get the “A”.

The pressure we put on ourselves to be successful is stressful in itself. This is negative stress that is not necessary to our well-being. This pressure that blankets society is what causes mental breakdowns and anxiety. Our motivation to be successful should not completely rely upon wanting to impress others with our grades.

This is why I love the bags under my eyes. I try to let the cause of my dark circles be from lack of sleep due to excitement in getting caught up writing an essay, or because I am stressed out about graduating on time. The bags under my eyes once represented stress from the pressure I put on myself to be successful and perfect. But that is unreasonable. It’s okay to be stressed out about school and worrying about wanting to get into a school, that just means you desire it with immense power. That is a good thing. It means that you feel. If you were stone cold and went on with life with no desire, no pressure, no stress, life would feel dull, bland, colourless.

So find that balance of stress and happiness. Watch for negative stress from pressures and acknowledge why you are stressed as showing the strength of your desires.

If the stress in your life has become too much, stop by student development and make an appointment with a counsellor. They can help you plan and tackle stress head on.

Talk to you soon!

– Sarah