NUSU – Utilize it!

Hello prospective students, let me tell you about NUSU!

When you decide to come to Nipissing, you become a member of the Student Union and thus gain access to all their services. My advice is to learn about each university’s student union!

With NUSU (Nipissing University Student Union) you get a healthcare plan, events to participate in, campaigns, a chance for your voice heard and much more.

Each Nipissing student pays a small fee (which is included in your ancillary fees) towards this group so you my as well utilize it to the best of your capabilities. You will enrich your experience here at Nipissing so much more, get free food, free clothing, learn valuable lessons, and make yourself a much more well-rounded person through NUSU’s offerings.

The most crucial part I find about NUSU is being heard – if you have an issue or question for the university, you can address it yourself, or get the union to use its abilities to get it answered faster. The union has a strong, positive relationship with administration and faculty, so if you ever have a problem, you can bring it to NUSU to try to get it resolved!

Even though I happen to be part of the NUSU Executive Team, I say this as objectively as possible: NUSU has services you should take advantage of in order to help yourself, which can make your student life much easier.

So when you look at other universities, see what their student union offers – does it offer a wide range of services? Does your voice get to be heard? Does it feel like you’ll get more out of it than you’ll have to put in? If so, that can be a useful factor to consider when choosing which university to attend!

– Markus