Extra Classes

Nipissing offers a wide variety of classes, but can’t offer classes in every subject, obviously. I was very interested in photography and other visual arts classes but they didn’t fit in my schedule. I tried to find some classes in town but none of them were affordable or, again, wouldn’t work with my schedule. One day, I was browsing through Pinterest and I came across a post about taking free online classes. The Pin was about a website called Coursera. I checked out the website and it has classes that range from history to visual arts to nutrition. I signed up and began taking a photography course and a nutrition course! Some of the courses cost money, but they also offer financial aid. The course loads are manageable, even while attending school full-time and working full-time. For most courses, you can turn deadlines on or off, whether you feel like you need the motivation of having a deadline or not. I’ve learned a ton from these classes and will continue taking classes that are not available here. I highly recommend checking it out!