The Very Last Muskoka Post (Goodbye)

Hi, hello!

As of next year, the Muskoka campus will be no more. No students will be walking down the hallways. There will be no one in our classrooms, no one lounging in the Lakehouse. There will be no residence activities, no Dons, or Residence Council.

It will be an extremely sad day when the doors finally close, and our campus will no longer be here. But something will exist–our passion, our knowledge, and our determination to succeed is embedded within us. We will continue to live with the positive experiences Muskoka has brought us.

We have all chosen to study in Muskoka for a reason. As small as our campus has been, we have made lifelong friends, we have made connections with our professors, and have been involved in the larger community to create change.

North Bay is extremely lucky to be gaining strong, independent and hard-working students who have learned the importance of community, strong relationships and a love for learning.

I’m so excited to see Muskoka students grow in North Bay and bring their experiences to meet new people, and to create more positive change.

So if you see a Muskoka student in North Bay–greet them! They are amazing people.

To the Muskoka students who are going to North Bay, I wish you all the most success and happiness, and I hope you experience everything you have dreamed of and more.

The Muskoka campus may not be here next year…but it will always remain in Muskoka students’ hearts.