5 Money Saving Tips that Add Up in a Big Way

Life is expensive. Especially for students. And saving money isn’t always the easiest thing to do while you’re in the midst of paying for said students expenses… and little bit of fun here and there.

Take a moment to forget the conventional advice about working hard and saving your money. Of course this is generally good advice; however, lets explore a few unconventional ways of saving where a little goes a long way…

Save the Money you Won’t Miss

Have a 5-dollar bill? Don’t you dare spend it. Put it in a jar and keep it there for a set amount of time. This personally came in handy for me when it was time to purchase textbooks. My $5 jar, saved over the course of almost a year, covered most of my books.

Lacking restraint? Try an automatic savings program like Scotiabank’s Save the Rest Program. You can set your account up so that for every debit transaction your balance will be rounded up to the nearest $1 or $5 and automatically transferred into your savings account. Now is that simple or what?

Foster the Frugal Monster that Lives Within You

I love your shoes!”

“Thank you, they were $3”. Say it loud and proud.

Learn to shop the sales and be willing to buy used. There’s a lot of good quality items out there for next to nothing.

Forget the Lulu, the Hunters, the Kors.

And, if you absolutely must buy name brand, at least try to get it on sale…

Sign up for subscriptions at your favourite stores. Yes the notifications may be annoying, but you will get exclusive offers that might just save you a lot of cash.

Bring Your Drinks From Home

A dollar here, a dollar there doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up quick! Keep a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. Water saves lives, but also wallets!

Bring Your Food From Home

It’s the same idea, but I know for students it can be a difficult one. With long days away from home its hard not to pick up a snack if you didn’t have the time to pack a lunch. We all know eating at school can be expensive. Prepare easy, ready-to- go meals the night before to avoid that mid-day pit stop at the cafeteria.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Now, I am not saying to sell your belongings in a last minute attempt to scramble up cash. I’m talking about a getting rid of items you no longer need that are just taking up valuable space. Go through your room and put everything you no longer use in a box. If a month goes by without using an item, put it online and watch the cash roll in. Cha-ching!

What are you saving for?

– Kylie-Anne