Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes or Going Back to School without Going “Back to School”

This is the first time in as long as I can remember that I haven’t gone “back to school” in September. I’ve been a student for a long time. For someone who wasn’t the most studious in my younger years I made the choice to attend school for a lot longer than I “had” to. After elementary and high school, I went on to university and college and then more university. I think my parents were scared I would be a student forever…literally.

But after finally completing my BFA this past year I realized that I didn’t want to leave university and more specifically that I didn’t want to leave Nipissing. So, I went back to school this year in a bit of a different way. Instead of enrolling in classes, I was applying for jobs. Instead of studying for exams, I was brushing up on my interview skills. And just like school, the hard work paid off and I was lucky enough to land the job of a lifetime: as a Student Recruitment Officer! Now I get to travel around the province and share my love for Nipissing, the place that I didn’t want to leave and now don’t have to…at least until the end of my contract 🙂

I had gotten used to the routine of the school year – the slow start, the stressful mid-term season and even more stressful exam time. And, I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit nervous to be doing something so different, but also beyond excited to see what this next adventure brings!

– Sarah