From Nipissing University to Cambodia and Back!

Hi! I’m Alyssa – one of the new student recruitment officers here at Nipissing. I’m originally from Ottawa, and it was at Fall Open House that I made my decision to come to Nipissing. Now, I get to be back here in North Bay, after a few years away, and will soon be hitting the road to share my passion for this amazing university!

My five years at Nipissing were among the best years of my life! I was in the Concurrent Education program with a major in Psychology, and I loved getting to study the topics that I was interested in, like childhood disorders, social psychology, emotion, and personality. My education classes prepared me well, and by the end of my program I was ready to pursue my dream. I signed a 2-year contract, got on a plane and travelled to the opposite side of the world to teach grade four at an International School in Cambodia. During those two years, I had the opportunity to teach some incredible students and experience their culture for myself. Life in Cambodia is different in many ways from life in Canada.


In Cambodia, I drove a “moto” through chaotic streets to get to school. In Canada, as I get ready to embark on this travel season, I will be driving a car throughout the organized highways of Ontario. In Cambodia, it was a regular occurrence to experience temperatures of +40 degrees. In Canada, I’ll likely experience some -40 days over the course of the winter.
In Cambodia, my idea of a delicious meal was chicken curry and rice, with a refreshing iced coffee. In Canada, I tend to opt for chicken burgers, fries, and salads, and love the warmth of a hot beverage. In Cambodia, I met some amazing people, and in Canada, I know I will get to meet some more amazing people over the next few months of travel. I am so excited to hit the road and start meeting all of you students!

Don’t forget to mark down October 29th on your calendars and take a road trip up for Fall Open House. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who decided to come to Nipissing because of my campus visit. Once you see for yourself all we have to offer, you won’t want to leave! See you soon!

– Alyssa