How NipissingU helped me to Love the Outdoors

For most of my life I have never understood people who loved the outdoors. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory summed up my feelings when he said, “If outside is so good why have we spent thousands of years perfecting the inside”. I was also not alone, my siblings shared the same feelings and we collectively convinced ourselves that the nature lovers were somehow deceived and we had unmasked a great truth.

When I entered Nipissing University I was introduced to over our 20km network of trails behind the campus. While I initially resisted the call, soon some friends from the university invited me to join them on a hike on the campus trails. I believed I was only going to be gone for 30 minutes (of which 15 would be spent taking photos for social media) and that we would be back home soon enough. Three hours later we finished what turned out to be a true expedition. Although I came out of the experience with mixed feelings, I realized there was so much beauty that I had been missing out on right in the backyard of our campus.

I slowly began to incorporate more time outside into my life, first exploring around the university and soon into other spots around the city of North Bay. Around that time I also took an Environmental Science course, which had outdoor lab elements. There I discovered some awesome learning opportunities right outside the classroom.

There is a lot of incredible beauty around Nipissing and the City of North Bay, it is worth your time to explore and discover it when you come here! It’s a great way to exercise, de-stress, meet friends, and it’s also a great place for first dates if you like that “eco chic” thing! I would only reluctantly call myself a nature lover, but that’s a step in the right direction and I owe some of that progress to the setting of our campus and the friends I made here.

– Dennis