A home away from home: Residence!

During my academic career at Nipissing University, I lived in residence! It was a great experience where I truly developed as a leader and an individual; but I’m getting ahead of myself.

When I came to Nipissing in 2013, I came in as a mature student and was very adamant with my parents that I did not want to live in residence. After several conversations, they were finally able to convince me to at least tour the residence during our Open House visit. After checking them out, my mind was made up and I immediately decided to apply. Once school started, I decided that I wanted to become involved in residence life.

Residence life isn’t the only way you can get involved. You can become a club executive, student tour guide or get involved in so many other opportunities on campus. I, however, decided to stick with the residence life team and for me it was the best decision of my life! In my first year I was a first floor representative on residence council, which is similar to high school student council.

Following that, I then decided to become a residence Don because I wanted to be like a Don I once had and wanted to inspire other students as he inspired me. It was a great year getting to connect with all sorts of students: Grade 12 students I gave tours to during Open House and meeting and making friends with current students from other buildings. To this day I still have people come up to tell me that I either gave them a tour, showed them to their room or ran a program that they came to. It’s an amazing experience and one that looks great on my resume!

That’s not the only way to get involved in residence though. You can get a job as a office assistant or become a council executive. At the very least, take part in residence activities and really get to know your classmates and neighbours! Residence is your home away from home! It’s full of opportunities for personal growth, professional development and creating new, long-lasting friendships and relationships!

– Dez