‘Til University Do Us Part?

As I learned from the endless number of pre-teen dramas I invested myself in during middle school: friends will come and go, but your epic high school bromance is meant to last forever…right? At least, that’s what I hoped as my best friend packed her bags and moved approximately two hundred and ninety seven kilometers away—give or take a couple of inches. Three years later, Nipissing University has enlisted me to brag about the success of our long distance friendship, despite my previous, and slightly over-dramatic nervousness. After all, you know how the old saying goes:

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

And while I suppose this is true, a fond heart doesn’t make the distance suck any less. But, with a little bit of effort and a whole lot of patience, I’m here to reassure you of the perks that come with having a BROmantic relationship that is meant to go (and outlast) the distance—and in the meantime, you won’t even have to renew your vows.

See, the best thing about long distance friendships is that their friends automatically become your friends. That’s twice the friends, and only about half of the commitment! While a new campus also means new friends, it also means new stories. And while I know you feel strongly about completing one another’s sentences—so do we—it’s extremely rewarding to hear a story that doesn’t feature you.

This being said, you’ll also go out of your comfort zone. That’s right, you can go to that jazzercise class you’ve been itching to try—and no one has to know! Join a couple of clubs, and put yourself out there. This is your opportunity to rediscover yourself as a long distance bestie.

Not to mention that seeing each other will become a new holiday (it’s like Christmas, but once every one-to-three months…and who doesn’t love a good holiday?). Let’s face it, you and your best friend are going to have awfully busy lives, and perhaps not quite enough money post-dreaded textbook and tuition payments to visit once every couple of weeks—like I know you’ll vow to do before you move to your prospective campuses. Luckily for you, hugs, chatter, and inside jokes don’t have an expiration date. It will be as if nothing has changed; but believe me, you’ll both have done a lot of growing up.

And with this new-found distance, you’ll be forced to find creative ways to keep up with one another…that’s right, you can write letters! However, if that’s perhaps a bit too Jane Austen for you, there’s a wide variety of options on social media for you to connect with one another; remaining overly present in each other’s lives. Video chatting, text messaging, email…carrier pigeons?…I can reassure you that, even as the miles grow, there’s no getting rid of them.

You’ll also have an excuse to send them care packages…need I say more? Like I said earlier, every month can be a holiday! And you don’t even need to send a super-awkward thank you card to an estranged relative.

But of course, you’ll miss one another. New experiences will often seem to be a bit daunting at first, but remember that you won’t have to endure them alone. Whether your best friend lives just down the street, or even a hundred miles away, this is an adventure you’ll be experiencing together.

– Amber W (and her best friend)