5 Things to do During Reading Week

As reading week approaches, many students will have probably already booked the first bus back home in preparation for home-cooked meals and free laundry. Whether you’re a student going home to visit family during the week or spending your thanksgiving with your new roommates, reading week is a great opportunity to try something new, and be productive. Here is my list of top 5 of ideas to try during the week:

1. Not only catch up on your readings, but read ahead

The most obvious way to spend your reading week is to use it as it is intended, and that is of course to catch up on all your school work. Catching up on readings, or even reading a head is a great way to ensure that you will feel much more relaxed upon arrival back from your week away.

2. Get familiar with the bus schedule

The bus route will become an essential aspect for most students. Getting to know the routes you will be most commonly taking will save you lots of time and headaches (so you don’t pull a me, and end up accidentally taking the bus all the way downtown). Luckily for students, we now have a new website that makes this easy, and can actually track your bus: https://myridenbt.northbay.ca

3. Take a mental health day

School can be stressful. There’s no doubt about it, so take a mental health day. This might mean a nice warm bubble bath, curling up and reading a book, or simply just having some you time. Take some time for yourself, and remember to not stress out about the little things. YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT.

4. Learn a new skill

Getting some free time is a great chance to brush up on a new skill. My suggestion? How about trying out a new recipe to impress all your roommates when you get back!

5. Explore your scenery

Still in North Bay? Try going for a hike and checking out the Nipissing trails which can lead straight to Duchesnay Falls. If you’re going home for the week, check out some local scenery from around your hometown that you might not have gotten the chance to explore yet!

– Courtney