Be in the Present

It’s nice to be back and blogging again this year! Some highlights from my summer include: getting a dog, taking him for many different hikes, seeing Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin and Alterbridge perform in Toronto, and spending time outside in the sun.

Wow, 4th year. It is so crazy to be in my last year at Nipissing. I’ve always been excited to graduate, the year “2017” really can’t come any sooner! But I have been spending some time staying in the present rather than constantly looking ahead. Reflecting on the past is important, along with dreaming for the future, but the present is so much more important. The present is what you are capable of controlling, right now.

I’m not saying “never waste a moment” and to get off your butt and do something important in the present, I am just saying acknowledge it. Where are you? What does this place mean to you? Who are you with? Are you alone? Are you hot/cold? Are you comfy? What emotion are you feeling?

Right now I’m at home, dog at my feet, boyfriend across the room gaming, watching American Horror Story in the background while writing this.

I think it is important to acknowledge these little moments because time passes so quickly. Soon my time at Nipissing will be over and I will be on a new adventure. This apartment now, my life, will never be the exact same that it is at this moment. I think this is why it is important to acknowledge the little things.

– Sarah