Preparing for Mid-Term Season

I know it’s crazy that mid-term season is already here, I still feel like it is the second week of school and that we’re not in the middle of mid-term exams. Mid-term season is definitely overwhelming; campus jobs are in full swing, reading week is on the horizon or has just passed, you feel like you haven’t learned anything yet and assignments are also due in other courses.


1. Finish Readings: Sometimes there’s weeks when I don’t have time to finish a reading for a class. Before a midterm is a great time to finish those readings that were pushed to the side.

2. Collecting and Organizing Notes: Before you start studying, don’t forget to print off your notes, organize them or text a friend to collect the missing note from lecture. Organizing your notes makes sure that you don’t forget about any covered material.

3. Study Notes: Once you figure out how you study best it’s time to prepare your study notes. Some types of study notes are highlighting key concepts, q-cards, summarizing notes or mind maps. Whatever works for you use it to prepare study notes well in advance.

4. Where to Study: Sometimes when you sit down at your house to start studying you may end up napping for 3 hours or watching 4 episodes of Greys Anatomy instead of actually studying. For a full night of studying I usually go to the library or Twiggs just to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Whether you study best at your house, library, Twiggs, or the Owl’s Nest, just find where you study best and crack open those notes.

5.Breaks: Take lots of short breaks. A short 15-minute break from studying is much more productive then staring at a sheet of study notes and realizing for the past 20 minutes you have just been staring at it zoned out and not actually read anything.

Happy Mid-term season!

– Mikayla