How to “Treat Yo’ Self” During Midterm Season

Ah October, the time of year where the only thing crunching harder than the fall leaves are students endlessly prepping for their midterms, essays, and assignments. As much as we’d all love to be spending our fall season out in the picturesque forest, snapping new shots for our Instagrams, we’re stuck in the library. What’s a student who’s more stressed out than Twenty-One Pilots to do?

Take it from first-year me: I was over-caffeinated and facing constant sleep deprivation from pulling all-nighters consistently…because I thought that was what you were supposed to do in university! Fast forward two years later, and now I’m much more laid back with a better attitude. This is one of those major, Cinderella-esque attitude transformations you see in the movies…and I bet you’re probably thinking I suggest you do something TOTALLY crazy, like start working on your assignments before the night before they’re due, right?

Well, not exactly (although that is also super helpful!). For me, I switched off the button in my head that wanted me to work harder than Rihanna says to, and take a break for self care. That’s right, a break – a period of time ranging from one minute to however long you decide you need. A time to take care of what YOU want, rather than neglecting yourself to be a student. Schedule in blocks of time where you can do whatever your heart desires. You want to lie in bed and eat pizza from the box? Great! Watch 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in a row when you promised yourself you would go to the gym, or walk the (absolutely adorable) dogs at the humane society? Even better! This time is about you, not what your roommate wants you to do, or what you think you should be doing. Even if you don’t think you have enough time between cramming and writing, there is always enough time to do something small, like drinking a cup of tea, lighting a (pumpkin scented) candle, or jamming to your favourite songs.

Major takeaway from this post: You can’t be your best version of yourself if you don’t take care of yourself.

‘Til next time,

– Maddy