Open House…It’s worth it to make the trip!

You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again…if you’re going to spend 4-6 years at a post-secondary institution (as well invest quite a bit of cash), why not take a weekend road trip first to see if it’s really a good fit for you!

I’ll tell you a story: One of my friends from high school went to a university that shall not be named. For the sake of my story, let’s call my friend “Sally” and call her university “Ye Olde University.” Sally didn’t even think twice about where she was going to go for university. After all, both of her parents had gone to “Ye Olde University” and Sally knew they had an amazing experience there, so of course she would as well.

She applied, was thrilled when she got accepted, and spent 4 years there. Talking to Sally now, she says that, overall, she had a pretty good experience at her university, but that maybe if she had thought twice, another institution might have been a better fit for her. Sally was more introverted in her personality, and felt like she got a bit lost in the crowd at “Ye Olde University.” She didn’t get involved in many clubs or activities – they seemed intimidating to her because of the huge turnout at events. A smaller school like Nipissing could also have provided her with more support in her transition to university.

Just some food for thought…Nipissing U’s Open House is coming up in less than two weeks! It will be your best chance to see the campus (including our amazing suite-style residences, recently expanded Athletic Centre, and award-winning library!), as well as meet professors and talk to current students. Register at, and bring your friends and family along for the ride! You won’t regret it.

For me, attending Nipissing’s Open House was really what made my post-secondary decision clear, and you never know… after spending a day on our beautiful campus, you may decide that Nipissing U is right where you belong too!

– Alyssa