My First Six Weeks of Survival

Yikes…the past six weeks have been insane! I totally was not prepared for the transition from high school to the university. However, these past six weeks have come and gone; I do find myself getting occasionally homesick, and since I live almost 5 hours away from home, university has been such a big change and distance for me. I’ve got three foolproof ways I’ve used to occupy my time in order to stay a little less homesick and that have helped me survive my first six weeks of university.

  • Don’t be a hermit—go out and Socialize!

I’ve met some of the most amazing people here at Nipissing that have quickly become some of my best friends. Socializing is such a big aspect of the university lifestyle. You make so many new friends here which makes it easier because it’s like having your own little family. I know I sometimes still get sad because I miss my family or my boyfriend, but my roommates always know how to cheer me up by blaring music and forcing me to dance with them around our apartment.

Know when to come out of your room and just go talk to someone or go for a hike on the trails. Remember that we’re all in the same situation, chances are if you’re missing home and feeling sad, so is someone else. Stay positive! You’ll make it through and your friends will be there to help.

  •  Oh ya… those textbooks and assignments…

Sure, homework isn’t the most exciting way to spend your time, but getting an education and learning is the reason why we are all here at Nipissing University. I’ve quickly learned that you really shouldn’t get behind on your assigned readings or you will be very lost and confused. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the wide variety of classes I have and I LOVE it! From Film to Gender Studies to Social Welfare classes, all of my teachers are amazing and the classes all interest me. School and homework has been a big part in distracting me from missing my home and family. Utilize your time effectively to get all your homework done, but don’t overdo it by never having any fun…you have to find a happy balance!

  •  Don’t forget about home and stay positive!

Remember that this isn’t permanent. You’ll be able to go home soon enough and see your friends and family. I know I miss my bed terribly, but try to stay positive and look forward to your time here and your time at home. Focus on the positive, do your school work to the best of your ability, and just try your best. We all have those days when we’re down and miss home. Put up photographs on your walls to remember the good times, or call your mom just to say hi!

Overall: stay positive! Trust me, you’re going to have a second home and family here at Nipissing.

– Casey