Trying to stay organized

It has taken me three years of university to realize I’m not very organized. Now, going into my fourth year, I am hopefully going to change this bad habit by incorporating a few new skills I have picked up. I will start by having separate notebooks for each class, holding onto the syllabuses and putting handouts in a separate binder so I don’t lose them! I am hoping this will reduce my stress as well as the feeling of being overwhelmed, and improve my grades. Here are some tips I recommend you put into practice to be more organized!

  • Making sticky notes of daily reminders
  • Keeping your room clean (waking up to a room where the floor is hidden by a pile of clothes is not only gross but starts your day off with a feeling of being overwhelmed)
  • Leave 10 minutes earlier then you think it will take to get to school. (I wish I could say I always do)
  • Keep a calendar of important due dates, upcoming assignments, projects meetings, ect…
  • Keep all coursework together, in the same binder! And have a different binder for each course

Remember being more organized isn’t just going to serve you well during your years at university, but is a lifelong skill.

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned” -Benjamin Franklin

– Ian