The secret to making the most out of those precious minutes each day

University is a plethora of work, studying and juggling things. Being productive can be a difficult thing to do and anything out there that can help make my life easier means I’m all for it. So today I will share with you the secret of my success!

What is the secret you may ask? I plan and use resources to make otherwise long and tedious tasks easy and quick.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I love apps. I have spent way too much of my free time finding apps out there that can help make me as productive as possible in school and at work. This also allows me to have time to hang out with friends and do the things that I like to do so I can be happy.

I could probably make a ridiculously long list of apps that I like to use and ones that have a solid idea set around them, but instead I’ll only list a few that I’ve been using for awhile and that have actually helped to make my life a little easier.

First is Stylebook, your own personal on-the-go stylist which uses clothes you already own and pieces outfits together for you. The cost is around $5, much cheaper than a whole new wardrobe!

Next is my personal favourite called Habitica. This app generates an RPG character that will level up and go on quests the more you keep on top of your real life to-do’s and positive habits. The best part is that this app is free!

The app Forest lets you plant and grow a virtual tree when you put down your phone for a set period of time. If you use your phone, the tree dies. This helps eliminate one of the major distractions when trying to complete work. The cost is about $2.

The last app I have for you all is called RefME. This app makes citing work really easy. For books you can simply scan the barcode and it will cite it in the format of your choosing. For others you simply plug in the information in a simplified way and it will properly format it. And yes, it’s free!

These apps are only the tip of the iceberg…I encourage you to go and check out what else is out there!

– Jenn