When You Realize You Miss Home

Everyone in Founders House knows that I call my mom every night at 9:30. No matter what I’m doing I stop, drop and call.

When I first chose Nipissing, I thought 3 and 1/2 hours wasn’t far from home…and really it isn’t, but sometimes it feels like I’m far away. My Nana lives super close so if anything were to happen there’s someone here that could come to me quickly. I moved in a week earlier then everyone and got to take part in the Summer Transition Program. If you haven’t heard about this program I highly suggest it! I’m friends with 5 of the amazing girls I met that week. And believe me when I say they are amazing, because I can walk downstairs and just vent and eat chocolate with them whenever I need to.

After school started the thought of being away from home started to really sink in for me. I’m not sure if it was because typically my mom would be lovingly nagging me about getting homework done, or if it was just the constant hustle and bustle of my home I missed, but it hit me all of a sudden and it hit me hard. I didn’t really want to do anything other then hang out in my room, which, for me, is really odd. But then I started trying the following list of little things.

  1. I hung about 100 photos on the wall of my bedroom to make it more personalized and home-like. These included images of a recent trip to Italy, prom pics, family photos, selfies with my besties from home and even my baby cousins! It seems like a lot of photos but it really isn’t when you have 4 empty walls.
  2. I looked for things to do. As someone who has always been super over involved (we’re talking extremes) I really just needed something to do with all my extra but not-so-extra time. So, I joined my Living Learning Community, Connect! Now I’m co-chair of the committee and plan super cool and fun stuff like a trip to the zoo and reverse trick or treating, or for Me to We lovers, Halloween for Hunger. This helped add some extra socialization time every week with people I otherwise might not have met or hung out with.
  3. I started doing something I love again! As a dancer for 15 years, it’s kinda hard to walk away from something that provides you with an outlet to release stress and creativity. I knew that I needed to dance and I knew there was a club I could join. So during the wonderful Club Days, I actively sought out the Nipissing-Canadore Dance Club. Now I go to dance class every Friday night and use it as a stress buster before the weekend study sessions begin.
  4. I regularly FaceTime and message my BFFs! Something that’s hard is coming to a new place and making new friends while still having the feeling of missing your friends who really know you. For me, I have a best friend in Orillia and another in Toronto. So it’s not realistic to just walk or drive to their doors and saying hello like I would at home. So we started setting up “dates” so that we could keep up with each others lives.
  5. I called my Mom!!! My Mom and I are like best friends! We tell each other everything so not having her here to tell her everything about my day and hear about everything that is going on at home was something really hard to get used to at first. I’ve been away from home multiple times, I even travelled to Italy for school and was fine. So our talk time is 9:30 every night no matter what. I’ve called from the bus and she’s called me from the hockey arena. It’s just nice to talk to your Mom, you know.

In summary, once you become accustomed to your new living space and make it your own and establish your new norms, it all works out in the end. Now if you excuse me I need to go call my Mom♥️

– McKenna