Here Comes the Sun: Positive Thinking and a Positive Life

Let’s be real – as humans, and as university students specifically, we spend a LOT of time complaining, worrying, spreading our negative energy. Everyone gets upset about little things – if the bus is late, your coffee isn’t right, anything under the sun. Those little things that add up to a bad day rather than a good one. I’m one of those annoyingly optimistic people that will force all my friends to have good day and think about the one good thing that happened, no matter how minuscule, rather than all the big bad things that happened that day. I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you think and act positively, positive things will come to you, and if you act and think negatively, you will only attract negativity. So, by following this philosophy, I try to stay as happy and positive as a human possibly can even during stressful times.

However, yesterday I had one of those absolutely terrible, no good, very bad days. Absolutely NOTHING went right. I had a midterm that I had studied all of the wrong things for (thus, I went in knowing essentially nothing for something worth so much of my grade), I was sick and had lost my voice so I couldn’t go into work, had left an essay to the last minute, and got a grade back for a test that I wasn’t super happy about. All in all, we can agree that this was not a super day.

But from this quick example we can also see how super easy it is to get down on ourselves and the negativity that surrounds our lives. Because outside of these seemingly terrible things that happened, I did have some things that made it a good day. I was able to snag the last copy of a book I needed for class from the bookstore, had worn my favourite scarf that day, and had done extra preparation for readings for my most difficult lecture so I ended up being able to positively contribute to the conversation in class.

Looking at both sides of the day, the negative and the positive, it’s easy to see that while I might have thought to previously have been the “worst day ever”, there were some things in there that made my day great. I’m grateful for the good things that happened in my day alongside the bad.

With that said, I challenge you to start practicing thinking about the positive side of the negativeness in your life. It’s a bit of a radical shift in thinking, but one that’s more important than most people realize. We’re young, and while we’re busy educating ourselves in university, let’s also teach ourselves to switch our mindset and embrace the positive.

‘Til next time!

– Maddy