A Place To Grow

I often tell people that Nipissing is a great place to discover and grow their passions; I have a really good reason for saying this, but I am rarely able to share more of my story, so here we go!

I studied in the Business program at Nipissing University and it soon became apparent to me that whatever I ended up doing with my education in business, it was going to be in a non-conventional setting. I was most excited about the different, progressive and forward-thinking elements of business and I began seeking what this might look like after I finished my education.

Shortly after graduating, I worked at an NGO in Kenya for 6 months and while there I saw many incredible projects and the exciting impact of business in people’s lives. After returning to Canada, I got involved with a company based in India that works with women coming out of the sex trade. They help build lives with dignity and respect for women who have not always been afforded these things and one of the tools they use to accomplish this is an apparels-based business.

Inspired by their example, my wife and I started our own business, promoting and selling their products and finding other businesses with awesome human stories and working with them as well.

For me, a passion for social justice and business began at Nipissing University where I was exposed to many ways of thinking beyond my business education. My professors at Nipissing were invested in my passion through our interactions and I also met like-minded and different thinking individuals in a supportive community that ultimately shaped me as a more well-rounded individual.

– Dennis