Hello North Bay!

Introduce yourself to the city of North Bay! During my first semester of my first year, I remained isolated at Residence and school, and although I look back at some amazing experiences, once I began to explore people and places I felt as though I was creating what now feels like my own community. North Bay is now my second home.

As with many students, the years ahead at school and the workload can, at times, seem daunting or overwhelming. Additionally, many students (myself included) may have a tendency to feel they lack a sense of community. Being a part of a supportive network can give you the confidence to succeed and enjoy both your school life and personal life. There are many ways to enrich a student’s experience at school…step outside of the comforts of campus life and explore what else North Bay has to offer! There are many ways to do this, such as getting involved in activities or events that interest you, investigating job opportunities with Nipissing or with other members of the North Bay community, going on excursions outside of campus and residence and lastly making a conscious effort to go try local businesses and/or restaurants.

From my own experience as a student in North Bay, these small changes of pace can greatly influence your level of enjoyment as a student overall. Whether you plan to stay in North Bay after post-secondary or not, you are guaranteed to enrich your years spent at Nipissing. As I began to build a network of friends, both involved as a student at Nipissing or otherwise, my variety of friends became a great support system to motivate me with my studies and to enjoy my free time. The variety of friendships that have been made is crucial to my growth not only as a student, but as a person. Many students are at school to receive and build the tools they need to succeed in the future. Also, living in a new city has taught me and will continue to demonstrate to me the importance of building lasting friendships and has shown me the value of a community. I challenge any student to step outside of their comfort zone and take advantage of what the city of North Bay has to offer!

– Lindsay