Myths: From High School to University

Grade 12 can be a tough year. Students get bombarded with information from all sides; parents, friends, teachers, and everyone in between all have an opinion about what you should be doing and where you should go. Through all of this, a lot of myths form about the university experience.

The biggest myth I remember went as follows: “When you get to university, nobody is going to be there to help you.” I heard it daily from multiple teachers, usually the loudest ones. I think they were trying to scare us into working harder, because I found the opposite was true at Nipissing. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had responded with: “Where did you go?”

I’ve been involved with Nipissing since 2008, and I am still regularly astounded by the amount of help available to our students. Don’t let anyone fool you with a “sink or swim” mentality. There is an entire office of people devoted to making sure you feel supported throughout your post-secondary experience. If you need help, we’ve got you.

Another common myth I get is about the distance to North Bay, especially when I’m in the Toronto area. The mind plays tricks on people, and when they don’t know where we’re located, they tend to assume it is some far off distant land. I know our city has the word “North” in it, but I promise this isn’t Oz, guys. We are a beautiful 3.5 hours from Toronto. It’s actually a shorter trip than visiting Ottawa.

And I’ll end it with a myth I break every single day. No matter what the question, and no matter how silly you may feel asking it, we want to hear it. If we are at your school for a presentation or a fair, stop us and ask us about anything and everything you want to know more about.

Likewise, message us your questions on Twitter – the @NURecruitment team is constantly answering questions and we want to hear from you!

– John