Practice Makes Perfect

Most students expect that university isn’t going to be much different than high school, other than it being a little harder with a whole lot of freedom. For me, that wasn’t untrue. Everything was kind of what I expected from my high school years but what I thought would be harder, was actually so much more intense. The classes were harder, the exams and assignments were harder, and the readings were more demanding.

Here’s the good news though – I matured, I had a lot of fun, I made new friends and re-prioritized what I wanted out of life. Looking back, high school was like a practice and University was like the big game.

Here are what I think are key skills that you will need to use more in University than you ever have before:

  • Time Management
  • Independent Learning
  • Self-Advocacy

Take the time now to practice for the big game. Get a real grip on managing your time without your parent’s help that will kick start independent learning, and then take it to the next level. Don’t wait for your teacher to get on your case about deadlines and studying. Get on your own case and really set higher expectations for yourself. Finally, start speaking up for yourself, ask questions and make sure you really understand your lessons and assignments before you leave the classroom.

Schools like Nipissing University do a great job of transitioning you into university and making you feel like you’re part of a supportive community but the responsibility of being a successful student is ultimately all yours.

– Carla