My top 3 favourite courses I’ve taken at Nipissing

I’ve taken a lot of courses at Nipissing University now that I’m in my fourth year, so I decided to narrow down all of the courses I’ve taken to my top three favourites for you!

So here goes, in no particular order:

Course: Philosophy of Sex & Love
Code: Phil-3205
Professor: Sal Renshaw
What I loved about it: I’ve always been deeply interested in sex/sexology as a social science discipline and have even considered it as a topic in post-grad studies, but I am not too sure on that. Either way this course was one of the most educational and interesting class I’ve taken. It takes sex and flips it completely over and introduces so many new ideas with some you may have already heard to theorize about sex in the context of religion, philosophy and gender studies.
What to expect: Loads of good in class discussions!

Course: Psychology of Industry & Work Part 1
Code: PSYC 2306
What I loved about it: This course teaches a lot about basic work psychology. I think it is very interesting for anyone going into business, psychology, wanting to work in human resources, or that work in retail jobs!
What to expect: Lots of slideshow lectures, but filled with interesting facts!

Course: Topic: Surveillance and Datafication
Code: PHIL 3756
Professor: Wayne Borody
What I loved about it: It was the first time this class ran so the class somewhat ran itself. We followed current events, conspiracies & more all to do with surveillance. Very interesting for criminal justice, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and poli sci majors.
What to expect: Informal in class discussion, papers, the odd test. Lot’s of discussion and conspiring.

Which one seems the most interesting to you? What is your favourite course that you’ve taken?

Talk to you soon,

– Sarah