How to Enjoy Winter in North Bay

Looking outside, it looks like winter is already here! If you are like me, you are feeling excited for all the fun things snow offers, and even more excited for the end of the semester and Christmas. And, well, if you are not like me, hopefully this post will help you through these next few months!

Possibly the most important thing to do to enjoy winter is to keep warm! No one likes to be cold, and not wearing proper clothing and footwear will decrease your immune system, leads to frost bite, and can cause you to be sniffling for the first hour of class (which will get you some dirty looks from you neighbours). To keep warm, wear a suitable winter coat, boots, mittens, and a hat. If you don’t want to wear boots all day to classes I suggest bringing an extra pair of socks.

Next, remember that the roads are often slippery in the winter so if you drive I recommend you get up 10 minutes earlier. This will give you time to get the snow off your car and account for the poorer and generally slower driving conditions. If you take the bus be aware that while the bus drivers do their best to stick to their schedule during the winter, there can be some delays so make sure you keep warm while waiting.

Finally, here is a list of some fun things to do here in North Bay if you aren’t already aware:

  • North Bay Nordic Ski Club if you want to cross country ski
  • Laurentian Ski Hill is a great place to learn how to downhill ski or snowboard and they have a terrain park
  • North Bay has several rinks and there’s even one right behind Founders house!
  • North Bay has lots of areas to snowshoe including the campus trails right behind Nipissing!
  • Curling at the North Bay Granite Club

These are just a few things to do over the next few months. I hope your exams go well, and enjoy the snow!

– Ian