How to be Single: Holiday Edition

Snow has fallen and the holidays are just around the corner. It’s that time of year where you dedicate yourself to too many secret santas, find tinsel throughout your entire house, and spend far too much money. It also, for many, is the time of year when single people tend to feel more alone. In popular culture, including things like movies, television, and books, the holidays are often depicted as the most romantic time of the year. Basically every Christmas special on television celebrates the union of two single people coming together through holiday cheer. It can be a hard time to be on your own, especially when you attend family functions and it seems like everyone and their brother is asking you when you are going to bring a boy or girl home.

I know that this can be hard on your state-of-being, so I’ve decided to provide some ideas for how to be single during the holidays.

Step One: Realize that you’ll save money

No significant other in your life means that you can splurge on yourself instead! Get yourself that book you’ve been eyeing, or that fancy new watch. Heck, you can buy anything you want!

Step Two: Eat all the food, by yourself

No significant other means that there is one less mouth to feed at family functions which means that you will get all the seconds, and thirds…and maybe even fourths?

Step Three: Avoid awkward family situations

If your family is anything like mine, then bringing a significant other home is probably on the bottom of your To-Do list. Say goodbye to awkward introductions and embarrassing stories!

Step Four: Realize your own worth

Take yourself on a date, you’re worth it. Enjoy life, right now, in this moment. You don’t need a significant other in your life to somehow feel validated.

Step Five: Love yourself

It might be harder for some of you but genuinely try to love life. Enjoy being single. Treat yourself. Take time to get to know yourself better. Go on adventures. Do something that you’ve never done before. Indulge yourself with something that makes you happy. Above all else, love yourself.

So you see, this article wasn’t really about reasons to not have a significant other but rather reasons to be okay with not having a significant other. I hope this causes you to pause and take a look at your situation. Re-evaluate your emotions. If you struggle to be single, like so many of us do, look instead for the ways in which you love being with yourself. Just yourself.

Once you truly love and respect yourself, everything else will start to come together.

‘Til next time.

Happy (almost) Holidays,

– Destiny