Embracing Graduation and other Adult things

So you’re sitting here watching Friends on Netflix and all of a sudden you realize that it’s almost December and you have so many things you still need to do. You have a final group project, individual essays, and in less than two weeks you have 4 exams. All you can do at this point is try to avoid those potential mental breakdowns and scramble to your calendar to try and make some notes on how you are going to start prioritizing your time. In the midst of your worrying, it hits you that this is actually your second last semester as an undergraduate student, and after these exams you only have one more semester left! You start to feel excited as all of this stress will soon be behind you in a matter of 5 short months. Hooray! But then, you start wondering what you’re going to do after you graduate? Then you remember your graduate studies applications are due December 1st! The worries of entering adulthood are making you a little stressed as you try and survive this crunch time of the year. However, to fully cope with this transitioning into adulthood, you have to take time and look at the positives! I mean, take a second and look at those graduation photos you just took – you’re graduating! Congratulations, you’re graduating a four-year undergraduate program at Nipissing University, and soon you’ll have a degree to your name! You should feel extremely accomplished and educated. Always take the time to think about how far you have come and embrace the future with a positive attitude. Next, what to do with life after graduation? Again, take time to yourself and figure out what you’re passionate about and decide to pursue that. If you’re chasing after something that makes you happy, you’ll never lead yourself wrong, or end up working a day in your life.

Embracing adulthood can be a very scary thing, and being nervous and scared for what to do when you leave your undergrad is very okay. But you have to take a step back from your fear and realize that you are a successful individual with a lot of potential and passion to do amazing things with your life. Yes, the idea that your four year undergraduate career is coming to an end, and you’re not 19 anymore; you’re getting older and will have to learn how to pay all these bills and do taxes, but you’re also starting a new chapter in your life and the best is yet to come. Many people say that university will be the best years of your life, but think of all the life you still have to live. All of the other milestones in your life you haven’t done yet! Graduation is just the first of many.

Study hard, get through your exams, and prepare yourself for a very bright future ahead of you!

– Alexis