This one is for your supporters!

We spend a lot of time in these blogs focusing on making the best choice for your future as well as your transition to university, so I can see why you may think this is all about you. In truth though, you’re not going through this alone and your supporters aren’t about to just give up on you and send you on your way. Here are some of my favourite tips for the supporters who are helping you through this transition and how they can keep helping you into your university career:

Supporters: don’t let your students give up. Most students see a drop in academic grades and also struggle with so many firsts in university. Students who can get through those firsts usually recover and they go on to thrive. Encourage them to stick with it and it will only get better.

Students are going to need to use the resources available to them. While you’re looking at universities together: ask the questions that your student isn’t likely to be most concerned about right now. Questions like: what supports does the school offer? Academically? Socially? Emotionally? As a supporter, you can’t make the adult student take advantage of those options, but you can certainly remind them, next year of what they can take advantage of.

Research shows and we know that the more students get involved in University, the more successful they are in transitioning and the more satisfied they are with their university experience. Ask those questions too: how can a student get involved? What about their favourite sports on hobbies? What kind of teams/clubs are available? Job opportunities? Social events? Frosh week and/or orientation?

It’s an exciting time for all of you. In a lot of ways, this is about transitioning into adulthood and creating ones own life.

Supporters: they still need you to support them, to guide them and to care for them.

Students: let them! You’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Help set yourselves up for success. It’s going to be so rewarding and worthwhile.

– Carla