Saying Bye to the Winter Blues

Every student fears getting sick or catching a cold. As busy students, our time is a precious commodity. When the seasons change, the fear of getting sick weighs heavy in our minds. Evidently, the drop in temperature usually occurs when we are the busiest and most stressed. Stress from school can be hard to reduce. Some people don’t take the normal amount of time for self-care in order to squeeze in some last-minute study time. As a person who always gets sick when the seasons change, I’ve learned ways to reduce the chances. I have learned some healthy habits to keep in mind when we transition from fall to winter.

For many, living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Responsibilities can take priority over our personal wellness. Keep in mind that sleep is important for our health and our minds. Learning to live a balanced lifestyle can be hard to accept for high achievers, like most of us hard-working students. But achieving perfection is not worth the stress we put on our bodies. Some of my tips include making achievable daily to-do lists to help reduce the anxiety of accomplishing it all. It is also important to eat and sleep at regular times. I find that this is the most challenging, so I set timers to remind myself to start getting ready for bed early and to wake up at the same time every day. This is especially important for when times change and evenings get darker earlier. It is very easy to want to fall into hibernation and convince ourselves that our energy is weakening. Another tip is to keep life fun, and to be aware of people who get the winter blues. Plan fun winter activities to get outside and make the best of the weather. Whether it’s playing hockey, going out to watch a hockey game, going for a winter hike, or going for a walk with friends to get some hot chocolate…all of the above will really make winter less daunting.

Have you ever felt more productive in the spring or summer? I’ve always wondered why I’ve always found that my energy slows down in winter. Diet can help with that. During the winter I start to get lazy with my eating habits. Consequently, this worsens my energy levels. As our climate changes and the evenings get darker, remind yourself to stay active and positive. Be aware of self-care during this changing season to increase the strength of our minds and bodies. Small tips like these will really pay off because you will wake up more positive and ready to accomplish your to-do lists.

– Lindsay