Views From The Road: A Travel Season in Photographs

Collage by SarahI have a confession to make. Over the course of this past travel season I’ve taken a truly unreal amount of scenic photographs. I couldn’t help myself. Ontario is just gorgeous and every new place I got to visit, brought with it a new awesome view.

This obsession started way back in September, during my very first week on the road, when I had the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls for the first time. I was your classic tourist taking a million pictures on my phone. I may have even busted out my selfie stick for some shots too, but I’m embarrassed to admit it.

In the weeks that followed, I got to witness and photograph some truly unreal sights. From sunrises over rooftops in Toronto to sunsets over lake Huron in Goderich. From the rolling farmlands near Palmerston to the overwhelming amount of lakes near Gananoque. Guelph, Kingston, Vaughn, Stratford, and just about everywhere in between. Each place has a spot in my heart and at least one photo on my iPhone (probably more).

My camera roll is stuffed, and it is constantly warning me that my storage is almost full. My Instagram is littered with these shots and I’m positive my friends are getting tired of my #viewsfromtheroad. Well I’m #sorrynotsorry.

The obsession doesn’t stop there though. Since returning to campus I’ve taken a walk almost every day on my lunch and I’ve used up even more of my phone’s precious storage. Like I said I can’t help myself – campus has some truly amazing scenery of it’s own.

– Sarah