New Semester, New Beginnings

At the beginning of every semester I look back on the previous semester and look ahead on the new one. When looking back it is easy to identify a test I should have studied more for, a reading I should have done or an essay that I could have proofread again. While there’s nothing that I can change from the past, I can make changes in the future. Once you fall behind, it can be hard to catch up and although we go into survival mode until reading week and have plans to catch up then, that week is much needed for some rest and relaxation. Here are some changes to consider for the new semester:

  1. Get back to a good gym routine: after exam season and Christmas break it’s easy to find your gym routine is slacking- a new semester means a fresh start to get back into the gym.
  2. Start early on assignments: working away on research and writing your paper in sections will help avoid writing that term paper the night before it is due.
  3. Get organized: the beginning of a new semester means a fresh start to getting organized – it’s the perfect chance to use that planner that you haven’t opened since the first week of September.
  4. Meet new friends: a new semester means new people in some of your classes or having classes with old friends you didn’t have classes with during 1st semester.
  5. New classes: there is always that one class that you like less than the others, but the new semester means new classes for the most part.

– Mikayla