Bring What You Love to Campus

For many of us moving away from home means leaving behind all the familiarities of the hobbies we love. The local hockey arena, dance studio, soccer fields, and swimming pools. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your hobbies behind.

duchesnay fallsIn my case, I love to go on hikes with my camera in tow, attend dance classes, and be involved in the community. I have been able to continue doing all of these things here on campus. To start, the beautiful hiking trails that are accessible on campus are a bonus for outdoor enthusiasts and even those who don’t love it as much. Using Monastery Trail, which is paved and light, to get to and from class is a great option for those of you who want to get some physical exercise before class. There’s also the 25 km of hiking trails that begin at the back of the school and continue all the way to Duchesnay Falls. For the photographer and outdoor enthusiast in me these have provided me with some great Sunday afternoons as you can see from the photos.

campus trailsAs for dance here on campus, we have both competitive and recreational options. As a nursing student I found it hard to commit to the competitive team so I attended the open classes every Friday in first semester as my stress buster before the work-filled weekend. With it being second semester now the dance club requires some more commitment as we put together dances for an end of year recital. If you’re not ready for the commitment and just looking for something fun and active, Zumba here at the school is always an exhilarating experience.

As for getting involved in the North Bay community, I joined my Living Learning Committee in my building which is Connect. Its programs focused on developing global citizenship and promoting social activism. As Co-chair, I have been able to plan events such as Halloween for Hunger where we trick-or-treated for non-perishable food items for our community food bank and our Operation Buy a Farm in which we are raising funds to buy a farm for a family overseas. Being a Co-chair of this committee also means attending General Council which is like the Student Council of Residence. As a Council we plan and put on events of all kinds not only in our residence buildings but in a mixture of all of the buildings here on campus.

duchesnay fallsSo I encourage you to find that something that fills in the holes of your missing hobbies here on campus so you’re not constantly doing homework or binge watching Netflix all the time. Whether you’re here on campus or will be joining us in the fall find that something that fills the hole!

– McKenna


duchesnay falls campus trails campus trails