Looking Back

Grade 12 was nothing if not demanding; with constant stressing over maintaining my grades, writing applications for scholarships and applying to university.

Considering that, you’d think that I would have been excited when I had finally narrowed it down to which 4 universities I was going to apply to. However, the real panic began to set in when I started to ask myself, which one do I choose?

I had been absolutely certain for four years that I was going to attend one specific university, but now that I actually had to commit I wasn’t so sure. So, I dragged my mum to their open house in the fall. Although I liked most of the campus and I had a great tour guide, something didn’t feel quite right.

So, I toured a few other schools but had the same reaction. I couldn’t see myself actually attending those schools.

At the same time, my dance teacher from school continuously mentioned how much she had enjoyed her time at Nipissing, and recommended that I tour the campus to see for myself. On a surprisingly sunny winter day, my dad and I drove to North Bay for the tour. We met with our tour guide, Hayley, and she gave us a wonderful tour of the school. My dad and I both loved the idea of small class sizes and the ability to talk with your professors, not to mention the new library, which looked just as stunning on the inside as the outside. Not only that, but the guaranteed single room in residence was a big pro for me, along with the full kitchens in every suite which were perfect since I love to cook my own meals.

I was thrilled with the school, but still slightly attached to my previous first choice. After another visit to that university with both of my parents, along with more humming and hawing over the pros and cons, I decided that Nipissing was definitely where I belonged.

Ultimately, I think that it was my positive tour experience and all of the prospective scholarships and bursaries from the school that really pushed me towards Nipissing above my 3 other choices. Now, going into my second semester of school here at Nipissing, I am beyond grateful that I decided to come here and I can’t wait to see what the next 5 and a half years here will have in store!

All the best in making your choice this year!

Alana Javanainen – Student Tour Guide, First-Year Laker